Magic Rainbow Unicorns on Scratch

I have been playing with Scratch a bit more recently (I am creating a kids course aimed at 8 and 9 year olds). And I can’t believe I only just signed up for an account on the Scratch website – prior to this I used a desktop client.

I was so surprised to find out how much fun Scratch could be online. Once you create a project, you can share it and you are able to play, view the code and remix other people’s projects – which is fantastic for learning (and very enjoyable – even as an adult). You are also able to share the project with your friends (who don’t need to have a Scratch account to view it) or embed it into a web page.

Here is one of the projects I created: a Magic Rainbow Unicorns memorable password generator.

There is also a studio (a place where others can add their projects) for Magic Rainbow Unicorns fans … If you are also on scratch and have created a magic, rainbow or unicorns Scratch program, please add it!

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