Winner Spinner Wheel

Transform decision-making into an exciting game with Spinner Winner Wheel, the innovative Google Sheets™ add-on designed to randomly select winners from your list with the spin of a virtual wheel.

What is Winner Spinner Wheel?

It’s an interactive Google Sheets™ add-on that brings the thrill of a game show to your decision-making processes. Select a winner from a list of contest participants, choose a student for a classroom activity, or simply decide who’s next for a fun challenge. Spinner Winner Wheel adds an element of suspense and fun.

Turn your spreadsheet data into a rainbow spinning wheel of fortune with segments that represent an entry from your list.

Perfect for educators, team leaders, and event organizers, this add-on offers a fair and transparent way to make selections, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to be chosen.

Say goodbye to boring random number generators and hello to Spinner Winner Wheel.