Cloth napkin folding

I love origami and cloth napkins, which is a match made in heaven. And not only are they zero waste, but they are cost effect and luxurious too. Here are some of my favourite cloth napkin folds. Enjoy!

Starting with the simple fan napkin fold, which can be conveniently placed inside a glass:

Followed by the gorgeous rose napkin, which is also very easy and looks very striking. Perfect for valentine’s day or mother’s day!

The Lotus is a classic fold which is easy once you have practised a couple times – in the beginning it can be hard to pull out the leaves without destroying the base!

I designed this swan napkin fold myself – the usual swan napkin folds only work for paper napkins or require a lot of starching and ironing which I definitely don’t have time for.

Finally the Christmas Tree, the perfect napkin for festive occasions!

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