Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t it start?

This is a common problem and it’s usually caused by Google server issues. It can also happen if your internet connection is very slow or you are disconnected from the internet.

If the add-on won’t start, please try refresh your browser window.

Where do I enter the options?

Enter all your options for the wheel into a column and select one of the cells in that column.

How do I show the wheel?

Open the Extensions menu, select ‘Winner Spinner Wheel’, then ‘Start Wheel’. If you don’t see the menu option, refresh the page.

How to I delete or uninstall this add-on?

Please see this Google Docs Help Guide.

What does Authorization mean?

To install and use a Google Docs Add-on, you must authorize the add-on script to have some access to your account. 

If you have multiple Google accounts, you will first be asked which account to use for the installation. The add-on will only have access to that account, and you will need to be logged in with that account to use the add-on.

You will be asked to give Winner Spinner Wheel permission to do the following:

  • View and manage documents that this application has been installed in
  • Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications

What this means is that Winner Spinner Wheel will be:

  • able to access and modify the data in the documents you use it in,
  • allowed to display popups in your documents,
  • allowed to create a menu item under Add-ons when you open your document.

Please click on Allow to complete the installation of the add-on.

I see the error “Authorization is required to perform that action.”

This is a common error and it usually means that there are multiple Google accounts logged in at one time.

To solve this problem simply log out of all the accounts (by clicking on your profile icon at the top right hand cover, switching to the logged in accounts and then proceeding to logout).

Then return to your Google docs and open the Ready, Steady, Spell Add-on (from the menu).

You may be shown a popup requiring you to authorise Ready, Steady, Spell to access your sheets. Please go ahead and don’t worry because I don’t save or send your information anywhere.

It should then work.

For future reference, you are able to review (and revoke) your account permissions here: