This is me

My name is Dagmar Timler and I am a programmer (essentially). I have had loads of fun coding over the last couple decades that I just can’t give it up. But I also love managing teams and many other things like data, usability, writing documentation, and teaching.

My background is mainly a Java developer. (I started in 1999!) But I also program in Ruby (well I have a RoR website) and I am learning Python with my two daughters.

Currently I mainly work on my startup, Now Novel, where I do dev ops, product strategy, and usability research. I also work for NGOs like Jembi Health Systems, where, as part of a team, I coded BSIS, an open source blood safety application which was written in Java and Angular. I also worked on an Android app, to record childhood vaccinations, which was successfully deployed in Kenya and Uganda in 2018. It was a 3 month trial that is still running to date! The solution required an offline architecture where data had to be maintained on local servers and data extracted via mobile phone when an administrator came to visit. See a talk our team did in October 2018.

Here are my latest blog posts: